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Feral Pigeon Control

Columba Livia

Feral Pigeon Control Kent

Feral pigeons usually produce 2–3 broods per year with two eggs in each clutch and new eggs can be laid when the young are just 20 days old - without any control the numbers grow dramatically.

If you are suffering with pigeon problems we offer a free survey and will provide advice and recommendations to help deter these nuisance birds. We are experts in bird control and will help you tackle these nuisance birds with falconry response, bird proofing solutions, bird deterrents and guano removal.

Pigeon control and prevention is necessary for many reasons, most are associated to health risk and disease.

However, other reasons relate to guano fouling, which carries many diseases, parasitic insects, unsightly mess and can cause acidic erosion to listed buildings, heritage sites or your home.

Gull Control

Gull and Seagull Control Kent

Gulls commonly roost and nest on rooftops in many towns and villages.

Since the 1970's the number of roof nesting gulls has steadily increased, causing many problems; noise, caused by calling gulls; mess, caused by their droppings; damage to property via nests which block gutters; birds can dive and swoop on people and pets.

Bird and Pest Solutions are the leading experts in gull control and have a comprehensive range of services for every type of gull problem. We are currently working with Natural England with projects to reduce the gulls on a number of sites using environmentally friendly methods of control with amazing results.

Goose Control

Canada Geese

Goose Control Kent

The Canada goose has become a major problem in recent years with populations increasing in number.

Whilst feeding in parks, around country houses and school fields, they are producing a lot of mess and cause a number of problems; large amounts of guano in private and public areas, posing a risk to health; flocks of geese generate a lot of noise and decimate areas of grass and crops; aggression towards people; danger to airports and aeroplanes.
If the numbers of geese are not reduced they will continue to grow along with the problems associated with them.

The Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981 is the primary legislation which protects animals, plants, and certain habitats in the UK. Bird and Pest Solutions operates within this act under the general licence which enables us to carry out control of certain species of birds.

Other Birds

Starlings, Crows, Rooks, Ravens, Jackdaws

Starling, Crow, Rook, Raven and Jackdaw Control in Kent

You may have problems with other bird species that are affecting your businesses or home.

Species such as Canada Geese, Starlings, Crows, Rooks, Ravens, and Jackdaws can create health and safety issues, with bird mess, nests and damage to buildings.

Bird and Pest Soutions have many methods to help you and will carry out a free survey and discuss ways to suit your budget to stop your bird invasion.

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