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Bird Proofing

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Proofing Against Nuisance Birds

Pigeon and Bird Proofing in Kent

Over the years, we have installed a vast array of bird nets, bird spikes, bird wires, electronic bird deterrents and bird gels to deny gulls, pigeons, starlings and other varieties of nuisance and problem birds access to offices, factories, warehouses, shops, schools, homes, sports facilities and ports among other locations. We are always available to provide surveys, quotations and advice as to the most appropriate methods to keep nuisance birds at bay. Particularly suitable for listed buildings, we have discreet proofing systems which are invisible from below. Our bird proofing systems are backed by our two-year comprehensive guarantee.

Bird Netting

Bird, pigeon and Gull Netting in Kent

Nets are great to deny birds access to large areas and open spaces. They can be used to enclose entire roofs or small courtyards and are also ideally suited in keeping birds off decorative stonework. Total enclosure by netting is 100% effective against all birds subject to mesh size. Hence it can be possible to deny access to pigeons and gulls but allow swallows continued access.

Bird Spikes & Bird Wires

Bird Spikes and Bird Wires. Stop Pigeons and Seagulls.

Spikes and wires are good at keeping birds off of smaller areas such as ledges, windowsills, pipework, guttering and parapet walls. Both will deter gulls and pigeons and are very useful for shop fronts and signs. Wires are more suited for use on daytime perching spots whilst spikes will also prevent night-time roosting.

Electronic Bird Deterrents

Electronic Bird Deterents. Stop Pigeons and Seagulls.

Our electronic bird deterrents such as Avishock carry a high voltage, low amperage charge which gives the birds a small shock if they touch it. This does not harm the birds in any way. Avishock has a very low profile and can be invisible from below and so is particularly suited for ledges on listed buildings. This is more suitable where access is relatively straightforward as regular servicing is important.

Bird Gels

Bird Gels, use for preventing pigeons and other nuisance birds.

Bird gels are relatively new to the UK market but have been used for many years in other parts of the world. We have used them with great success against pigeons, preventing the problems they can cause. The gel emits ultraviolet light which birds see as fire but which humans cannot see at all. Again, it has a very low profile. Read more about Bird Control using Optical Gel.

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