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Bird Control Case Studies

Dover Harbour Board

Bird and Pest Solutions attended site at Dover Harbour Board to assist with the removal of seagulls and their nests.

Buildings at the Hoverport were going to be demolished and the area needed to be clear of any nesting birds. Due to the buildings being unoccupied for so long, it became very popular with seagulls.

Rather than installing bird proofing using bird spikes and netting, Dover Hoverport decided that a gull control programme using live falconry response would be more humane and as effective as bird proofing.

Dave Green flew into action with his birds of prey, which encouraged the seagulls to move from the site and find a safe place to nest.

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Pigeon and Seagull problems in Sheerness

Our expert bird control team were called in to help with bird problems in Sheerness. We were called in to assess the on-going bird problem of pigeons and seagulls. Bird control was a definite must and the only solution to help with the pigeon problem was a regular bird control programme.

Our senior bird control technician takes his Harris Hawk to the site to help deter the problem birds from the area in a humane way. This method of bird control using falconry response is a successful deterrent because other birds see them as a threat and therefore make themselves scarce.

This method of pigeon control and seagull control also made sure that the day to day running of the client was not disrupted at all.

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Aesica Pharmaceutical

Our bird control experts attended Aesica Pharmaceutical on the Isle Of Sheppey in Kent, to assess the the company’s starling problem.

We have many methods of bird control and for this specific problem the Bird and Pest Solutions falconer put into place an intensive bird control programme using both Harris Hawks and Falcons as a bird deterrent for the site.

We not only use Harris Hawks and Falcons as a method of bird control, but are also able to install bird proofing on buildings using bird spikes and bird netting as alternative methods.

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Bird Trapping and Hawking Programme

Bird and Pest Solutions were called to see a client in Sittingbourne to deal with pigeon problems. After a free site survey we suggested a bird trapping and hawking programme and they have now signed a contract for us to carry out not only all the bird control work, but also the pest control too.

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Bird Proofing Case Studies

Bird Proofing in Kent

After a meeting with Kent County Council, Bird and Pest Solutions have now completed a full bird guano clean and waste removal, followed by bird proofing of a courtyard area with additional proofing to a canopy where pigeons had been roosting. This included installation of pigeon netting and bird spikes to ensure the problem pigeons couldn't gain access to the areas again.

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Bird Proofing on the Isle of Grain

An existing client called our expert bird proofing team to the Isle of Grain for bird control in the Medway and Kent areas due to an increasing pigeon problem which also brought the associated guano problems our customers often suffer from. An innovative bird proofing solution was required to enable easy access to areas for on-going regular maintenance. After cleaning the guano from all areas we proceeded to bird proof using pigeon netting and we also designed an innovative sliding net door that was used in several areas, providing easy access.

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Bird Proofing in Aylesford

An Aylesford car dealership had problems with pigeons roosting and messing on the front of their two buildings which house both Jaguar and Land rover vehicles. Realising the Health & Safety risks and the unpleasant sight of the bird droppings they called in our expert bird control team to proof the edges of the buildings, ledges, and any areas with bird spikes where the birds were sitting. The bird guano was cleaned away and the affected area bio cleaned. After installing the best quality stainless steel spikes, the pigeons had nowhere to go, and now the client is free of pigeons and the mess that comes with them.

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Bird Proofing in Sittingbourne

A client in Sittingbourne called in the services of Bird and Pest Solutions for bird control in Kent to help protect their staff and stock from a feral pigeon problem. After surveying the site, a full pigeon control programme was put into place. The programme involved specialist cleaning of bird droppings and the installation of bird netting. To help reduce the number of pigeons, a live bird of prey was flown at the site as a bird deterrent to prevent the situation reoccurring. The buildings are now free of pigeons and staff are protected from any potential health problems caused by pigeon droppings.

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Bird Proofing in Gravesend

A client in Gravesend, who already use us for an on-going wildlife management programme, asked us to install bird proofing against seagulls and also provide pest control for a rodent issue. After completing a free survey we installed gull spikes around the building to deter the nuisance seagulls from landing. To resolve the rodent problem, our expert pest control team laid bait boxes down around the site and quickly had the rat problem under control.

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Pigeon Proofing in Sittingbourne

We were asked to provide a solution for a manufacturing and engineering company in Sittingbourne who had a problem with pigeons on their factory. The pigeons were causing a mess and making the area unsafe for the staff to work in. Our expert bird proofing team installed special pigeon netting and pigeon spikes to keep the problem birds away from the building. The company's director said "Bird and Pest Solutions arrived at our site and offered a professional, efficient, non-disruptive service to try to rid us of constant feral pigeon problems. Their solutions appear to have worked and we would recommend them to other companies with the same issue."

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Pest Control Case Studies

Pest Control in Bexley

Our expert pest control team were called to a client in Bexley to help combat on-going rodent problems at the site.

We have many years of experience dealing with rat problems at a number of landfill sites in Kent and as a professional pest control company we provide a pro-active and effective service.

The site manager in Bexley was delighted with our excellent rodent control. "We are really impressed with the results we are getting at the site. Bird and Pest Solutions visited the site to bait all the problem areas in order to maintain the highest standard of rodent control. We couldn't recommend them more!"

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Pest Control in Sheerness, Isle of Sheppey

We had been managing a client’s gull problem, in Sheerness on the Isle of Sheppey, for two years, so when they wanted to integrate their pest control needs to one supplier, Bird and Pest Solutions stood out amongst the rest.

Our unique ability to offer bird and pest management techniques, along with our ethical approach made us the natural choice. We offer total bird control, pest control and wildlife management service packages, ensuring that any non-targeted species and wildlife are not harmed or affected directly as a result of our treatments.

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Pest Control in Sittingbourne

The manager for a restaurant in Sittingbourne was devastated when he discovered a problem with mice in his kitchen. He quickly called in Bird and Pest Solutions to solve his problem. Having no pest control contract in place at the time, the problem was not noticed until the mice had become highly established.

Our team of pest control technicians set up discreet bait stations around the kitchen and below in the cellars. The problem was quickly resolved much to the pleasure of the restaurant owner who now has his pest control contract with us to ensure the problem doesn't come back.

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Pest Control in Medway

Bird and Pest Solutions came to the assistance of a client who owns sites throughout the Medway area with their rodent problem. We quickly put in place a rodent control programme that safely and efficiently eliminated any rodent issues.

The pest control programme will continue with our expert pest control team making regular inspections of the rodent boxes on sites and taking the necessary actions to ensure any further pest problems are dealt with before they arise.

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Wildlife Management Case Studies

Wildlife Management in Gravesend

Bird and Pest Solutions were called in by a client to help with a wildlife management scheme at their Isle of Grain site near Gravesend. The contract was to introduce European Carp to the ponds. We have planted over 300 pond plants at the site and installed mosquito inhibitors. We perform regular maintenance visits to monitor the health of the ponds, give them a full clean and to ensure the filtration systems are working correctly. This, coupled with our on-going bird and pest control prevention programme at the site, makes for a very safe and environmentally friendly site.

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Wildlife Management in Gillingham

Bird and Pest Solutions recently responded to a call from a Gillingham resident who was being pestered by urban foxes and the damage they caused to her garden and property. After providing a free consultation, a humane trapping programme was set up and over the next few nights we were able to catch the two nuisance foxes. The urban fox is a growing problem as they have no natural predator and live close to built-up areas and residential gardens. Bird and Pest Solutions have the knowledge and experience to deal with all wildlife management issues.

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